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At Gretis, we have a proven track record of putting our clients' needs first. We have been in this business of executive search for over 25 years and have been helping companies like yours find the best talent for their needs . We have a team of corporate recruiters who are dedicated to finding you the best candidates for your open position. With our various services you will find the right fit for your company and make sure that you have access to the best candidates in your industry. We take the time to get to know you, your company, and what you're looking for in a candidate. This ensures that we find someone who can contribute immediately and help your business grow.

Recruitment Outsourcing for better business expansion
Recruitment Outsourcing for better business expansion

Leverage Sources for Executive Search

Our reach enables us to access the best talent available PAN india. We have relationships with over 2000 recruitment consultants around the country who are experts in their respective industries. Gretis recruitment and HR services is a part of the Gretis group, which is a recruitment and executive search company that has been in business for more than 25 years.

We use a proven process that starts by understanding your company culture and objectives, then matching those requirements with candidates' skill sets and experience for executive search. Our Company understands your business needs and can help you find the right fit for each position.Gretis offers a broad range of recruitment services in India for all levels of employment, including mid-level positions through senior management roles.

We understand that your business needs the best talent available. At Gretis we have access to a variety of different sources from which we recruit the perfect candidate for your company. This means that we will be able to provide you with more qualified candidates quickly and swiftly than any other agency in the area.We use a variety of sources to identify candidates for our company, including LinkedIn, reputed hiring sites, independent applications, our huge database, referral records and our own Job-Portal.

1. Resume Screening

For Accuracy, Relevancy & Compatibility

Applicants' resumes are carefully reviewed and our findings are discussed with experienced colleagues. The resumes are screened on the basis of relevant job experience, education and professional skills. It also takes into consideration the candidate’s personality and compatibility with the profile of your company. This helps us to eliminate any unsuitable candidates from our database.The result is that you will get a shortlist of highly qualified candidates who can be interviewed for their suitability for the job.

Recruitment Outsourcing for better business expansion
Choices for employer in recruitment

2. Telephonic Interviews

For Skill, Attitude & Personality Assessment

After the resume screening process is completed, a telephone interview is conducted with questions designed to determine whether or not a candidate's skill-set and attitude are a good match for our company culture. The phone interview is scheduled as soon as possible, usually within one to three days of receiving the resume.

If we find that the candidate is a good match for the position, we will arrange an in-person interview at our office or with one of our clients. Corporate recruitment

3. Reference Check

For Performance, Integrity & Trustworthiness

Our executive search team is proficient in doing a thorough reference check for establishing accuracy of facts mentioned in the resume. We contact past employers and check credit scores as well. The aim is to ensure that the candidate has all the required qualifications, certifications, and skills for the job. All the references provided by the candidates are checked thoroughly. If there are irregularities in what they have written and what we find from our background research, then it is a red flag.

Recruitment Outsourcing for better business expansion
Choices for employer in recruitment

4. Shortlisted Candidates

For Interview Skill, Communication, Problem Solving & Teamwork etc

The list of shortlisted candidates resumes are then sent to the clients against the job openings. With Gretis as your Co-Employment partner, you remain ahead of your competitors and stand out in the crowd as an Employer of Choice. We help you position yourself as an employer in demand with the right set of recruitment outsourcing services and procedures.

Industries we serve

From tech companies to specialized industries across India and other countries, Gretis provides industry-specific Human Resource expertise to make sure that you get the right outsourcing partner for your business.


Tourism businesses face a dearth of industry-specific talent due to seasonal employment. We bridge the gap with our regularly updated talent pools.


From General Counsel to Legal Specialists and Advisors, we can offer you the top legal talent without burning a hole in your pocket.


We understand your hospitality staff related requirements to give you the right solution at the right price.


We understand your hospitality staff related requirements to give you the right solution at the right price.


AI experts, Blockchain maestros, Cybersecurity pundits or Big Data people, tell us what talent you need and we’ll connect it with you.


Our talent network comprises of a variety of job seekers that includes everyone from skilled technicians to senior managers that electrical ventures look for.


Get a stable and highly productive workforce for your construction venture- Gretis is known as the expert construction staffing solution provider globally.


From elementary educators to e-learning experts to professors, we’ve got the best talent for your processes.

Financial Services

Banking, Retail, Insurance: While onboarding someone who eats, breathes and lives numbers, we know which candidates are the best for the job.


With proven experience in healthcare and life science, giving you the right solution in a quick and affordable way is simply attainable.


When it comes to hiring and developing a manufacturing workforce, our exhaustive talent pool has people of each and every skill that you may need.


Our talent pool is in sync with the goals and vision of NonProfits. You just need to pick the one who can meet your individual goals.

Real Estate

We are among the top real estate staffing solution providers. From property valuers to facility managers to real estate lawyers, we’ve got just the right candidates for you.


Expand your retail team with the best retail sector employees selected by us after stringent skill assessment.

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