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Gretis is among the Top Recruitment Services Company in India. If you are searching for a leading professional recruitment agency, providing recruitment consultancy & employment services, you are at the right place.

Find the Right Candidates Without Wasting a Second or a Dime

Whether you are looking for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), permanent staffing, or recruitment services, Gretis India Pvt Ltd is among the top choices across the globe. As an agency offering the recruitment services to Government and Multinational Companies in India and overseas, we have built a trusted clientele of 100+ clients who vouch for our quality of recruiters for more than two decades. Our in-depth understanding of how recruitment dynamics work gives us a strong local and global presence in countries like USA, UK, Canada, India, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, and Australia.

Industries We Work With

Our recruitment services cater to global businesses that struggle with finding the right talent in their industry- due to limited candidate reach or inefficient talent sourcing. As a thought leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, we take pride in being well-versed with the ecosystems of various industries.


Tourism businesses face a dearth of industry-specific talent due to seasonal employment. We bridge the gap with our regularly updated talent pools.

From General Counsel to Legal Specialists and Advisors, we can offer you the top legal talent without burning a hole in your pocket.
We understand your hospitality staff related requirements to give you the right solution at the right price.
Call centre and BPO hiring is on an unprecedented high, which leads to talent crunch but we make sure all your BPO needs are met to the T.
AI experts, Blockchain maestros, Cybersecurity pundits or Big Data people, tell us what talent you need and we’ll connect it with you.
Our talent network comprises of a variety of job seekers that includes everyone from skilled technicians to senior managers that electrical ventures look for.
Get a stable and highly productive workforce for your construction venture- Gretis is known as the expert construction staffing solution provider globally.
From elementary educators to e-learning experts to professors, we’ve got the best talent for your processes.
Financial Services
Banking, Retail, Insurance: While onboarding someone who eats, breathes and lives numbers, we know which candidates are the best for the job.
We’ve been offering world class manpower for government projects and are known for furnishing best results in a timely fashion.
With proven experience in healthcare and life science, giving you the right solution in a quick and affordable way is simply attainable.
When it comes to hiring and developing a manufacturing workforce, our exhaustive talent pool has people of each and every skill that you may need.
Our talent pool is in sync with the goals and vision of NonProfits. You just need to pick the one who can meet your individual goals.
Real Estate
We are among the top real estate staffing solution providers. From property valuers to facility managers to real estate lawyers, we’ve got just the right candidates for you.
Expand your retail team with the best retail sector employees selected by us after stringent skill assessment.

End-To-End Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We Can Meet Your Goals Within the Cost & Time You Never Thought Possible

Facing problems while finding the right candidates on your own? Recruitment process outsourcing is the solution. But how would you know which recruitment agency is the right fit for you? How many staffing firms have you heard of that give you the right candidates in the shortest TAT possible?

Gretis India Pvt Ltd offers the most comprehensive recruitment services. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we use cutting edge technology and stringent quality parameters to evaluate the candidates. If you are looking for a recruitment services company that understands your requirement issues and can offer a pertinent right solution, your search ends here.

With 25+ years’ experience, we know that the Just-in-Time approach doesn’t work all the time. Instead of finding candidates when the need arises, Gretis India Pvt Ltd maintains a talent pool of candidates in all the industries that we serve. This allows us to bring you only the choicest of candidates that are the best in their field. To sum it up, we remain prepared for a requirement before it actually comes up. Our approach allows us to minimise turnaround time while maximizing results for you.

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For over two decades, Gretis India Pvt Ltd has been bridging the gap between companies facing a hard time looking for the right talent and a rich talent pool looking for relevant opportunities. Our service quality has established us as one of the most trusted end-to-end permanent staffing solution agencies in India and abroad.


What is Recruitment process outsourcing?

If an external provider manages part or whole of a company’s recruitment process, we call it recruitment process outsourcing. You can view it as an extension of the company’s HR department. Basically, the RPO provider is capable of offering everything from technology to manpower as per the requirements of different businesses.

Why Consider RPO?

Talent acquisition has become a challenge for organisations and increased costs of hiring new talents. RPO connects businesses with the experts who have a well-established network and infrastructure to get the right people onboard – and this with a lesser amount of money and time. They can handle everything from hiring to managing employees for you, to their exit formalities. It varies from company to company how much of recruitment process management they want to outsource.

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency matches job candidates with organisations. Hiring a staffing agency can connect you with many hiring managers. Whether you need manpower for a short-term project or permanent employees, staffing agencies can find you both kinds of candidates in a shorter span of time.

Why more firms choose RPO?

RPO firms add value to the whole recruitment process with their ready-to-hire talent pool and a well-established network. Moreover, it’s quick and cost-effective. The quality of hire is better if you register with an RPO firm, their consultants have a filtered database of job candidates, for every industry and function there are all sorts of candidates lined up already.

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