Streamline Your HR Processes with Gretis India's User-Friendly HRMS Software

HRMS by Gretis India is an all-in-one solution that can revolutionise your HR processes. Our digitally advanced HRMS software provides a user-friendly interface that fulfils all your HR needs, from hiring to relieving. Our technology-driven solution eliminates manual challenges and automates all HR functions.

Centralised Platform for Employee Lifecycle Management

Benefits of using a centralised platform to manage employee processes

Attract the best talents with Applicant Tracking System and bring the right talent on board. Hire digitally and store your employee’s information in a single database in a safe and secure way.

  • Create and post vacancies, filter the right candidates and bring the right fit on board.
  • Get all details of a potential employee on spreadsheets.
  • Identify performance gaps to create & track bespoke on-job training programs.
  • Monitor, analyze, and evaluate employee performance with our performance management tool.
  • Record all transfer and promotion data in a safe and secure environment.
  • Manage separation of your employees in an accurate and time-bound manner.
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Simplify Payroll and Tax Management with Gretis India's HRMS Software

Complete HRMS Solution for Payroll, Tax, and Compliance Management

Just one click, that’s all it takes to ease the burden of managing complex employee lifecycle and managing payroll, tax, and compliance Management.

  • Calculate leaves, overtime, and maintain employee expense records for reimbursements.
  • Add employee personal details and configure any number of salary heads.
  • Disburse salaries through multiple options and generate salary slips.
  • Manage claim requests through personalised dashboards.
  • Ensure timely, easy and accurate tax filing.
  • Automatic computation and deduction of IT, PF, ESI, PT, TDS, & LWF in accordance with the state-wise rules.
  • Create different loan types and set loan provisions with interest and repayment options.

Simplify Compliance Management with Gretis India's HRMS Software

Effortless Compliance Management with Gretis India's HRMS

Keeping track of changing statutory rules and regulations is difficult. What’s even more difficult is implementing them in your HR policies. Doing it all manually is the toughest thing to do. Our HRMS software is designed to implement new compliance policies quickly and effectively.

  • Complex compliance challenges made simple with a fully managed payroll processes integration.
  • Secure and reliable compliance management solution for streamlining workflows according to the statutory rules and regulations
  • Accurate compliance calculations and deductions such as ESI, PF, professional tax, etc. through a completely automated human resource information system HRIS.
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Boost Employee Engagement and Efficiency with Gretis India's HRMS

Gretis HRMS as a complete solution for managing all stages of the employee lifecycle

Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) keeps track of all stages of the employee lifecycle. Boost employee motivation by timely prompts of their birthday, work anniversary, and other important milestones.

  • Create and manage leave policies, requests, and approvals from one place.
  • Track attendance details, enhance productivity by creating shift policies, managing rosters, and tracking your employee’s project-based work, timecard approvals and MIS reports.
  • Tracking and manage transportation costs and improve the security of the fleet personnel and employees.

Empower Your Employees with Gretis India's HRMS Software Self-Service Portal

Easy and Convenient Access to HR Functions and Documents

Employee Self Service (ESS) portal of our all-in-one human resource management system (HRMS) empowers your employees. Offer 360-degree support to achieve individual and organisational goals successfully.

  • Employees can check their leave balances, raise leave requests, claim reimbursements, apply for loans or advances, view/download salary slips, official letters and documents, employee handbook, PF statements, and more. They can also view their tax declarations and submit relevant tax proofs online for payroll.
  • ESS helps employees make a suggestion or be a part of the organisational survey.
  • Faster grievance adressal.
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Transform Your Business with Gretis India's HRMS Reporting

Real-Time Reporting for Payroll, Tax, and Compliance Management

With Gretis HRMS, you get reports exactly how they should be. Transform your business with real time reports at the click of a button. Standardised report templates to help you with your payroll, tax and compliance requirements.

  • Employees can check their leave balances, raise leave requests, claim reimbursements, apply for loans or advances, view/download salary slips, official letters and documents, employee handbook, PF statements, and more. They can also view their tax declarations and submit relevant tax proofs online for payroll.
  • Real-time quality performance reports of various departments.
  • Process return filing and generate forms and challans of every category with the best HR software.

What they say about us?

Mr. Jatin Sharma


"I’ve been using Gretis HRMS since a while now. It does what it is supposed to do; ensure that the task force for HR is utilized on more creative, innovative HR practices while taking care of all the administrative payroll/admin-related needs via this brilliant software. One of my favorite aspects of Gretis is the super supportive team. Always at your back and call with a smile. Mostly helping amazingly during times of pressure and panic and more often than not--our own oversight correcting" 🙂

Mr. Ankur Singh


"Taking this opportunity to say big Thank you as we completed yet another financial year. I have seen you provide support multiple times beyond the call of your duty. You are truly an extension of my team, and I guess that is the greatest transition a vendor can do. I no longer see you as a vendor but see you as a team member. Please continue to support the way you do each day, every day. Your help is valued."

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