What is Gretis Channel Partner Program?

Gretis Channel Partner Program is designed to maximize your growth by helping you unlock business and earning opportunities. Become a partner of one of the most trusted and renowned HR outsourcing firms in India and watch your career propel to great heights.

How its work

How It Works

Simple sign-up Process:

Gretis Channel Partner Program is designed to offer you financial independence without any monetary investment.

  • Training: Complete service training by the most experienced and expert trainers.
  • Acquire and Convert Leads: After training, you are all set to transform enterprises of all scales with cutting-edge technology and top-quality services.
  • Earn Rewards: Every lead conversion to client will get you partner earnings and a LIFETIME ROYALTY. Have a glance MORE on how the system works best for you.
Who can Join program

Who Can Join Program?

HR / Sales professional

with at least 4 or 5 years of experience in Sales of Services/Product related to HR such as Payroll Processing, Tax management, Statutory compliance, and Accounting are eligible for the Gretis Channel Partner Program. Knowledge of HRMS will be an added advantage. Your experience in the HR ecosystem ensures that you are familiar with the roles and responsibilities of an HR professional and at the same time, it also means that you have certainly made some (if not many) useful connections and established a good network in your career.
With our Sales/marketing and Service training and guidance, this network would becomes a vantage point where you can observe all the possible opportunities.

Training Program

Training Program for Partners

A Comprehensive Training Program for Partners

Our experts will train you thoroughly. We’ll prepare you to the best of your capabilities for collective growth. From the pre-sales to post sales phases and client coordination, you will be guided about the whole process and given a clear path to follow- hence no mix-ups there.


We bring you years of marketing material consolidated in one place. You get access to a complete knowledge base that helps you understand our vision and goals easily.


We don’t leave you on your own once the training is complete. Should you face any challenge in the real world, be it a tough lead or a client’s concern that you are unable to address, we’ll support you and guide you through it. To know more about gretis support click here.

Servicing the Client

Becoming our channel partner requires you to resonate with the quality of HR services that Gretis has been delivering since 1997. We will offer you due guidance/training to service clients and will ensure your best in this regard. You would be a bridge between client and us to get all the challenges sorted ensuring client sailing smooth.


Gretis Channel Partner Program works in tandem with the latest technology. With us, you’ll have the latest technology by your side to utilize your skills and experience in the best way possible. We’ll help you bring your A-Game right from the word go. The partnership program is all about synergising the best of what we bring to the table and what you have to offer in terms of time, experience, and networking.

Expect from you

What Do We Expect from You?

Channel partner programs bring results only when:
  • Pre Sales Activities from Generating Leads
  • Giving Online Demo of Product/ Services to the Clients
  • Following Up with the Clients for Sale Closure
  • Contract Signing between Gretis & Client
  • Help with integration of hardware with our Payroll
  • Follow up with clients to gather data for implementation
  • Providing selected Modules from Client Side to activate in Gretis HRMS
  • Setup meeting for related to products / services
  • Generating Invoice, Payment Collections & Payment Follow-Ups
Free Flow of Information

As much as we and our trainers will be open and transparent with you, we want you to reciprocate the same. This is the only way to learn and grow as a team. We’ll only be able to train and guide you as effectively as we know and understand you. The free flow of information creates a path for practical knowledge.

Mutual Trust

Lack of mutual trust always leads to failed partnerships. You trust us to import proper and complete training and help you learn the secrets of the trade. Similarly, we trust you to learn and imbibe all the knowledge and use it to the best of your capacity. We put our trust in you that you’ll be cordial in your business communication (with us and the clients) and honest in your business practices.

Complete Success

Channel partnership programs are like a machine where all the partners work like cogs of a wheel. Anyone who doesn’t participate completely will make the machine less efficient. At Gretis India Pvt. Ltd, it’s never about “me” or “you”, it’s always “us”. We have always aimed for collective growth, and that’s what we expect from you too. For us, complete success means when all the participants of the channel partner program (the organization and the partner) grow together.

Lifetime Benefits & Royalty

At Gretis India Pvt. Ltd., we have always believed in going the extra mile. And we stay true to our belief, even when it comes to rewarding our partners.

While other channel partner programs reward partners only when they bring clients, we reward you as long as you and the clients brought by you stay with us and you service them. You’ll get the royalty across your journey with us as long as the client stays. We also have an profitability slab, which entitles you of additional earnings on reaching certain number of projects.

As much as it’s a big motivation for you, it’s also our way of appreciating your efforts.

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