Payroll Outsourcing Services in India

Gretis India is one of the best payroll outsourcing companies which offers end-to-end payroll outsourcing services in India. Choosing the right payroll Services could be the perfect solution for your business. Gretis full-service payroll outsourcing services shift that burden from your shoulders and provide a seamless payroll processing with 100% accuracy and speed.
Gretis’ Automated Payroll solutions are designed in a way to ensure accuracy, reduce time and eliminate errors during payroll processing while staying compliant with the labor laws and regulations with the help of HRMS.

Payroll Outsourcing Salary


Process your Employees’ Monthly Pay accurately with zero stress

Paying your workforce is now easy with Gretis fully automated payroll system. We offer the best payroll outsourcing services in India in compliance with the state and local labor laws. From salaries to incentives, you can pay your workforce easily at a curbed cost.

  • Centralized database for maintaining the entire data of your employees.
  • Automated payroll platform with user-friendly payroll services for processing salaries of employees accurately.
  • Detailed record of salary processing through automated calculation of various salary components like HRA, DA, TA, CLA, PT, PF etc., attendance, working hours, arrears, leave, overtime and benefits and compensation.
  • Comprehensive report generation with 100% accuracy level.

Our dedicated experts ensure organized payroll services in India as per statutory compliance for better functioning of your business. Send us the monthly details and we take care from scratch.

  • Calculation and processing of salaries based on the deductions
  • Calculation of your employees’ benefits and arrears
  • Calculation of Arrear Salary
  • Processing the reimbursement of expenses
  • Preparation and generation of monthly salary reports
  • Statutory dues statement like PF Challan, ESI challan, Professional Tax, TDS & LWF.
  • Providing employee reports like payslips and tax statements
payroll outsourcing services in India


Streamline your Payroll Procedure by staying compliant with the local and state applicable laws

Eliminate time and payroll overload by evaluating the compliance requirements and determining the contributions as per your requirements. Facilitate better administration and reduce the risk of penalty with Gretis payroll outsourcing services. We are one of the top payroll service providers / payroll outsourcing companies in India.

  • Accurate processing of statutory contributions with monthly generation of statutory dues statement through integrated payroll system.
  • Systematic filing of periodical PF returns with the prescribed authorities by complying with the provisions under the law.
  • We help you to comply with the ESI procedural requirements by providing our extended support and advice for hassle-free operation.
  • Timely and prompt payroll services for Professional tax payments.
  • Secured and on-time processing of TDS deduction and remittance
  • Preparation, maintenance and submission of all the required forms and registers as per the Labor law Department for LWF.

Get flawless statutory reports delivered in no time.

  • Provident Fund (PF) Reports
  • Employee State Insurance (ESI) Reports
  • Professional Tax (PT) Reports
  • Labor Welfare Fund (LWF) Reports
payroll outsourcing services in India

Professional Tax

Professional Tax or Employment Tax is a state-based tax collected from the monthly salaries of the employees

Gretis is a leading regulatory compliance company in the nation providing comprehensive tax solutions. Our automated online system help you to compute the tax as per the investment declarations, deduct the tax amount while pay processing and generate professional tax reports.

Taxation payroll outsourcing companies in India


Quarterly filing (Form24Q)

A Complete Suite of Fully Integrated Tax Advisory Services
Making the right tax deductions and filing quarterly them and paying on-time is now easy and fast with Gretis payroll outsourcing services which syncs your employees’ information and deducts Taxes automatically and uploads to the authorities.

Annual Tax (Form-16)

With our robust tax administration and compliances HRMS the year end process for Form-16 is carried on through an easy to use comprehensive Employee Self Service Portal for declaring their investment. The Tax of all the employees are hence rendered smoothly.

Payroll Outsourcing Services in India Issues resolution

Issue Resolution

All-in-one automated payroll system for FnF

Manage the final payables of your employees serving notice through our all-in-one automated payroll system and process a smooth exit. With HRIS, you can calculate the unpaid salary, leave encashment, bonus amount, gratuity etc. and process the full and final settlement amount easily. You can also generate the legal documents (NOC).

  • Release the final payables of your employees on the resignation smoothly through HRIS.
  • Easy calculation of full and final payables of your employees along with the receivable amounts
  • Computation of the final settlement amount in seconds with our payroll outsourcing solution.

We assist our clients in:

  • Employee separation through ESS portal
  • Full workflow for managing pay
  • Generation of net payable and receivables through automated payroll process
  • Automatic calculation of final payables against leave, bonus, LTA, gratuity, salary etc.
  • Automatic calculation of final receivables against loan advances, petty cash etc.
  • Deductions for PF, PT, IT and Compensation
  • Generation of full and final settlement reports
Payroll Outsourcing Company in India Reimbursements


Update approved reimbursement claims automatically while processing payroll

View your employee reimbursement claims and monitor the status of the claims with the related reports through our reliable payroll outsourcing services in India. Employees can request for various claims related to medical, LTA, fuel, mobile and so on by uploading receipts through Employee Self-Service (ESS). Employees can request for various claims related to medical, LTA, fuel, mobile and so on by uploading receipts through Employee Self-Service (ESS).

  • Gretis payroll services consolidates, automates and streamlines all your business expenses on one unified platform to help you track and monitor claims in real-time. You can create policies and statutory obligations on how employees can claim online through our automated HRIS/HRMS platform and process disbursements.
  • Employees can report their claims related to medical, LTA, fuel, mobile and others by submitting bills online through our ESS (Employee Self-Service) portal. Employees can check the approvals status and generate reimbursements reports online.
  • Track reimbursement claims submitted, check head-wise balance due to each employee and process the salary with automatic reimbursements on approval.
  • Generation of month and yearly reimbursement reports for better administration.
Payroll outsourcing services in India Reports


A Complete Report Package with HRIS

Our comprehensive payroll solution HRIS is seamlessly integrated to provide you with bespoke payroll services with appropriate utilization of time and money. HRIS enables you to track records and monitor processes with the help of auto-generated reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Gretis brings a huge transformation to your business through its automated online HR software tailor-made to your requirements. With HRIS, you can gain in-depth insights into your processes by having the correct data at the right time. It generates reports related to-

  • Employee information
  • Attendance
  • Leave
  • Salary/ Wages
  • Expenses
payroll outsourcing services in India help desk


Reach us for any sort of payroll support and resolve your questions quick

Get payroll support from our payroll experts through email, visit or telephone for the entirety of your inquiries and concerns. Whether it is payroll management or technology driven payroll software, we are at your service always.

  • We guide you on step-by-step process for any payroll-related information or updates.
  • Highly qualified payroll experts who have extensive domain knowledge and experience to provide you the best guidance and payroll solutions.
  • Our payroll advisors are available on both emails and calls to give you the required resolution. We provide bespoke payroll outsourcing services to ensure you are attended satisfactorily.

Service delivery and Experts

Our HR experts work closely with you to support and guide you at every stage of payroll management and tax administration to reduce risk and boost efficiency. We offer accomplished guidance for TDS, Income & Professional taxes, and manage tax payments and electronic filing requirements of your employees without any hassle. Connect with us to know more about our offerings!

Experts from Gretis hold almost 25 years of experience handling payroll from all the regions of India Including the minutest changes in state laws or central.

Flexible solutions are offered keeping in mind the ever changing needs of businesses globally and domestically as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

At Gretis the service delivery standards are maintained high and quick solutions are provided.

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