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Complex and ever-changing regulations make it hard for an organization to scale up. Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. offers complete Statutory Compliance services for businesses of all sizes. We make scaling up easy and risk-free for our clients.

Benefits of Statutory Compliance Services

  • Gretis provides Statutory Compliance Services in India covering all the states.
  • Review's all statutory records, returns, forms and documents filed with the Statutory Authorities under the Corporate Laws.
  • Complete verification of statutory and regulatory compliances.
  • Computing monthly ESI & PF contribution and generating reports for the same.
  • Online Deposition of PF, ESI, Professional Tax, and TDS.
  • Calculation & Deduction of Statutory Dues.
  • Complete compilation and processing of employee’s documents for Registration, Nomination Transfer, Withdrawal, Pension submissions, and others .
Benefits of Regulatory Compliance Services
Services in Regulatory Compliance

What We Offer

Just one click, that’s all it takes to ease the burden of your Statutory Compliances. Gretis HRMS is a powerful HRMS software to manage the Payroll, tax, and labour law compliance.

  • Calculate leaves, overtime, and maintain employee expense records for reimbursements.
  • Add employee personal details and configure any number of salary heads.
  • Disburse salaries through multiple options and generate salary slips.
  • Manage claim requests through personalised dashboards.
  • Ensure timely, easy and accurate tax filing.
  • Automatic computation and deduction of IT, PF, ESI, PT, TDS, & LWF in accordance with the state-wise rules.
  • Create different loan types, loan provisions and all types of statutory compliance in factory and companies.

Statutory Compliance Services

  • Proven experience in providing high-quality Statutory Compliance services allow us to anticipate labor laws and statutory requirements well on time.
  • Our Dedicated compliance teams help you comply with the central, state and local employment guidelines with 100% accuracy.
  • We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your compliance risks are minimised to the core and all deadlines are met on-time.
Regulatory Compliance management Services
Tax Deduction in Regulatory Compliance

Tax Deduction at Sources

  • Tax Deducted at Source or TDS is the amount which is deducted from the income of an individual by an authorised deductor and deposited to the IT department.
  • Filing of quarterly and annual e-TDS returns, preparation and submission of challan, on-time deposition of taxes, TDS reconciliation and Issuance of Annual Certificates.
  • Managing TDS through investment declarations based on actual investment proofs and process payroll with automatic TDS deduction from salaries.

Professional Tax & Direct Tax

Tax or Employment Tax is a state-based tax collected from the monthly salaries of the employees. Our automated online system is based on a robust compliance framework that helps you to compute the professional tax as per the investment declarations, deducting tax amount, salary processing and generating professional tax reports.

Direct Tax

We offer accurate tax deposit management services which includes Advance tax (Income tax & Wealth Tax) calculations and timely deposit on a quarterly basis through our web-based online software. We also deposit self-assessment tax and tax on regular assessments to assist you in meeting your compliance requirements.

Professional Tax & Direct Tax in Regulatory Compliance Solutions
 Insurance in Regulatory Compliance


Business Insurance (BI)

BI is a consolidated approach to serve the two most crucial insurance coverage options – property and general liability insurance. Under property insurance, it protects your business property against natural calamities, fire, theft and more. On the other hand, under general liability insurance, BI covers lawsuits, third-party claims for damage, settlement costs, etc.

Health Insurance

All companies look for ways to address their employee’s health concerns by offering health insurance coverage as per their requirements. Health insurance may include prescribed medications, hospital care, and medical treatments. We help you create personalized health insurance plans such as fully insured plans, partially self-funded plans or managed care plans to give your employees options to choose from.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Ensure employee satisfaction and productivity with workers’ compensation insurance. Provide complete peace of mind to your workers by covering their medical expenses including doctor visits, prescribed medications, hospital care, death benefits etc.

What they say about us?

Mr. Ankit Garg

Chief Technology Officer

“The regulatory assistance provided by Gretis India has enabled us to enhance our compliance profile with life sciences customers. Their Managed Services for software development and quality assurance play a key role in controlling business risk and reducing costs.”

Ms. Priyanka Jain

Manager, Quality & Compliance

“The staff provided by Gretis India have been skilled and well prepared to take on the variety of validation projects we have assigned to them. Their experience and expertise has helped enhance our validation assessment, planning and execution performance.”

Ms. Shivani Thakur

Director of Quality Assurance

“The performance of Gretis India for the validation of ERP software was excellent. A comprehensive effort that included validation documentation, work instructions, and training materials allowed us to meet our global regulatory commitments. The deployment of an onsite resource for coordination along with the use of remote staff from their global test centers was orchestrated flawlessly.”

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