Mitigate Your Risks by Staying Compliant

Scale up your business without any stress by keeping an eye on the thresholds for the ever-changing complex regulations. We help you in minimizing your compliance risks to the core with the best statutory & regulatory compliance services in India.

benefits of regulatory compliance

Benefits from our Regulatory Compliance Services

  • Review of all the statutory records, returns, forms and documents filed with the Statutory/Regulatory Authorities under the Corporate Laws
  • Verification of Statutory and Regulatory Compliances
  • Computing monthly PF contribution and generating reports for the same
  • Computing ESIC as per rates
  • Online Deposition of PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Service Tax, and TDS.
  • Calculation & Deduction of Statutory Dues
  • Complete compilation and processing of employee’s documents for Registration, Nomination   Transfer, Withdrawal, Pension submissions, and others
regulatory compliance services

What We Offer

  • Regulatory Compliances Audits: Accomplish detailed audit of your internal processes with our specialized compliance services and keep yourself updated with the existing regulations.
  • Record-keeping: Maintain your books of records with the highest security and get instant support for documentation as applicable with our statutory compliance services.
  • Automated Compliance System: Our all-in-one integrated online software HRMS enables you to calculate and process your returns in a timely manner with real-time tracking.
  • Business Advisory Services: Get regular guidance and support on the latest amendments and applicable compliance matters from our compliance experts.
regulatory & statutory compliance services

Regulatory Compliance Services

Our broad spectrum of high-quality regulatory compliance services allow you to anticipate the labor laws and statutory requirements timely and promote employee satisfaction with good reputation. Our dedicated compliance experts help you comply with the central, state and local employment guidelines with 100% accuracy. We ensure that your compliance risks are minimized to the core and deadlines are met on-time by appropriate record-keeping and timely filing of returns.

Statutory & Regulatory Compliance Services

Regulatory Compliances Audits 

With a razor-sharp focus on statutory and compliance audits, we assist you to stay hands in glove with the government regulations. Our web-based online HRMS/HRIS software provides an excellent interface to ensure labor law and statutory compliance by accomplishing successful internal audits of income tax while payroll processing in terms of calculations and reporting. We are the most trusted regulatory compliance company in India.

TDS in Regulatory Compliance

Tax Deduction at Sources

Our regulatory compliance services include monthly compiling of TDS (Tax Deduction at Sources), filing of quarterly and annual e-TDS returns, preparation and submission of challan, on-time deposition of taxes, TDS reconciliation and Issuance of Annual Certificates to Vendors. With Gretis HRMS/HRIS software, you can easily manage TDS through investment declarations based on actual investment proofs and process payroll with automatic TDS deduction from salaries.

Statutory & Regulatory Compliance Services in India

Professional Tax

Professional Tax or Employment Tax is a state-based tax collected from the monthly salaries of the employees. Gretis is a leading regulatory compliance company in the nation providing comprehensive tax solution. Our automated online system help you to compute the tax as per the investment declarations, deduct the tax amount while pay processing and generate professional tax reports.

Manage Tax with regulatory & statutory compliance services

Direct Tax

We offer accurate tax deposit management services which includes Advance tax (Income tax & Wealth Tax) calculations and timely deposit on quarterly basis through our web-based online software HRMS/HRIS. We also deposit self-assessment tax and tax on regular assessments to assist you in meeting your compliance requirements. Manage your compliance without any stress with our quality statutory compliance services.

regulatory & statutory compliance services in Chandigarh


Protect your business and your staff by selecting the right insurance coverage

Gretis Quick HR offers a simplified solution to choose the right business insurance with major insurance carrier partners and cover your needs with care.
Business Insurance (BI)
BI is a consolidated approach to serve the two most crucial insurance coverage options – property and general liability insurance. Under property insurance, it protects your business property against natural calamities, fire, theft and more. On the other hand, under general liability insurance, BOI covers lawsuits, third-party claims for damage, settlement costs, etc.
Health Insurance
Address your employee’s health concerns by offering health insurance coverage as per their requirements. Health insurance may include prescribed medications, hospital care, and medical treatments. Create customized health insurance plans such as fully insured plans, partially self-funded plans or managed care plans to give your employees options to choose from.
Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Find the right coverage for your workers to drive satisfaction and productivity. With workers’ compensation insurance, allow full protection to your workers by covering their medical including doctor visits, prescribed medications, hospital care, death benefits etc.

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