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HR Consulting

End-to-end HR solution to suit all your business needs

Finding the right Top HR Services can be challenging. However, with Gretis India's HR consulting services and expert HR consultants, you can promote your organisation's growth with unique strategies.

  • Firstly. our high-quality recruitment process, retention, workforce planning, labor, HR consulting services, and performance management support a wide range of industries.
  • Secondly accurate payroll processing and effective handling of payroll-related grievances are ensured by Gretis.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, Gretis also provides complete statutory compliance in paperwork such as maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections, etc. through its HR advisory services.

With Gretis India, you can rest assured that all your HR needs will be taken care of efficiently and effectively.

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Streamline Your Staffing Process with Gretis India

Tailored Solutions for Your Staffing Needs

As one of the top HR solution providers in the country, Gretis India's HR advisory service offers unparalleled staffing solutions and takes complete ownership of managing your HR processes. From hiring to performance management, our specialised HR management services cover the full spectrum. In other words, our class-leading talent mobility solutions, always get the right person for the right job at the right time.

We however, reduce the costs and manage risks with our accurate payroll services, on-time tax filing, and quality compliance practices provided by our dedicated HR specialists. In addition, employees can manage their own personal and payroll information through our web-based ESS portal, which comes with 100% support from our HR team. For more information, visit our page on temporary staffing.

At Gretis, we ensure on-time and accurate payroll processing with effective handling of payroll-related grievances. Our commitment to offering the best HR solutions including training for all your business needs is unwavering.


Efficient Payroll Processing and Grievance Handling

Speed and Accuracy of our payroll processing

Managing payroll can be a daunting task, with numerous factors determining the efficiency of the process, including deductions, compliance with laws, and accurate employee pay. Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. is among the leading payroll service providers in India, with a team of experts offering support and guidance to small, mid-sized and large businesses.

Our comprehensive HRMS platform was created to streamline the payroll process, providing quick, efficient, accurate, and timely support. With its seamless integration, our platform calculates attendance, leave, tax, compliance, and other organizational data, allowing you to maintain attendance and leave records, calculate overtime, bonus, and leave encashment, keep track of loans and advances, prepare salary structures, and calculate and process arrears and reimbursements.

Above all, our team also assists with payroll audits, ensuring the smooth functioning of your business. For more information, please visit our HR advisory service for the best payroll services in India.


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Complete Statutory Compliance by Gretis India

Meeting All Labour Law and Statutory Compliance Requirements

Staying compliant with the changing labour laws and regulations can be a difficult task for organisations. Not adhering to the complex regulations can result in hefty penalties and damage to the company's reputation.

At Gretis India, we provide complete regulatory compliance services to cater to your specific requirements with the highest levels of quality. Our team of dedicated human resource management experts takes care of all the compliance processes, ensuring that you meet all your labour law and statutory compliance requirements under one roof.

In addition, our integrated HRMS platform offers real-time dashboards to keep track of statutory compliance and keep all your data safe and secure. With our automated compliance audits, real-time reporting, automatic alerts and notifications, and more, you can streamline your business processes and improve productivity.

Choose Gretis India and let us take care of all your regulatory compliance needs.


Gretis HRMS Platform for Payroll Processing

Overview of Gretis India's HRMS/HRIS solution and its seamless integration with payroll

Gretis offers a comprehensive HRMS/HRIS that integrates all your human resources processes with payroll seamlessly. Our technology enables you to manage the entire range of HR functions within the organisation. We are a top-notch HR solution provider in India that provides a wide range of functionalities at a low budget. With our HRMS, you can streamline HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, training, performance management etc. Additionally, our platform enables you to maintain attendance and leave records, calculate overtime, bonus, and leave encashment, keep track of loans and advances, and much more as shown below point wise.

  • Firstly, store all the data of all your employees in a centralised database.
  • Secondly, set up, record, maintain and update all the information revolving around your company’s HR and statutory policies.
  • Thirdly, Record and update information about new hiring, training, attendance, leaves, salaries, benefits, tax, statutory compliance, loans, advances, etc.
  • In addition, Automatic deductions and generation of reports.
  • Our HRMS also comes with a remote ESS (Employee Self Service) portal where they can enter and update their personal and professional information.



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Your Process, Your Team, Your Profit

Summary of the benefits of Gretis India's offshore outsourcing services

Looking to set up an offshore team but finding it challenging? Well, worry no more. Gretis HR advisory service offshore outsourcing services can make the process easy for you. Firstly, we perform every step to bring you closer to your dream offshore team. Secondly, we provide top-quality services for a complete offshore experience. Thirdly, depending on your project type, budget, and long-term goals, we select the most appropriate centre that fits your needs perfectly. Fourthly, we take care of everything from start to finish and ensure that your managed delivery centre is ready to function within a few days. Lastly, with our services, you can have your offshore team without worrying about the challenges of setting up and managing one. So, for more information, visit our page on offshore outsourcing services..


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