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We have more than 2 decades of experience in providing comprehensive HR solutions to organizations of various sectors. As one of the most trusted HR services provider companies in India, our mission is help you at every step and save your time and money. Your business is important for us!

HR Consulting in HR Services

HR Consulting

End-to-end HR services to suit all your business needs

Finding HR management a challenging task? Don’t worry. Our complete range of HR consulting services and teams of expert HR consultants support you at every level to promote your organizational growth with the help of unique HR strategies.

  • Our top of the line recruitment process, retention, workforce planning, labour & services advisory and performance management support suite a wide range of industries.
  • On-time and accurate payroll processing with Gretis along with effective handling of payroll related grievances.
  • Complete statutory compliance in paperwork such as maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections etc. with Gretis HR advisory services.

HR Outsourcing

Talent acquisition and employee management made easy

With top of the line staffing solutions, Gretis is one of the most sought after outsourcing solutions providers. We take the complete burden of your liabilities and offer full support in managing your HR processes. Our internal recruitment team handles all permanent and temporary staffing at a very high success rate. Our comprehensive HR Outsourcing services cover all your human resource functions. We offer complete solutions across all levels of employee lifecycle including advisory services.

  • Full-spectrum of specialized HR services right from hiring, onboarding, training and development, and performance management.
  • Always get the right person for the right job at the right time with our class-leading talent mobility solutions. Manage risks and reduce costs with accurate payroll processing, on-time filing of taxes, and quality compliance practices from our dedicated HR specialists.
  • Your employees can manage their own personal and payroll information through our web-based ESS portal. The portal comes with 100% support from our HR team.
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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Processing with 100% Accuracy and Speed

Payroll management can be a challenging task. Deductions, filing returns on time, staying compliant with the laws and paying your employees right, there are many factors that determine the efficiency of the payroll process. Gretis is among the leading payroll solutions providers in India with a strong team of payroll experts assisting small, mid-sized and large businesses in the area of payroll management. Our dedicated team of payroll specialists offer comprehensive payroll support and guidance to save your precious time and reduce stress.

Our web-based online payroll platform HRIS is created to watch our vision: to make the payroll process quick, efficient, accurate and timely. with its seamless integration, our HRIS calculates your organizational data such as attendance, leave, tax, compliance etc. This way, you can easily maintain attendance and leave records, calculate overtime, bonus and leave encashment, keep a track of loans and advances, calculate and process arrears and reimbursements, prepare salary structure, calculate, file and pay taxes, process monthly salaries with necessary deductions, generate salary reports and FNF. We also assist you in handling payroll audits for smooth functioning of your business.

Regulatory Compliance in HR Services

Regulatory Compliance

Set Your Regulatory Compliance Challenges Right

Industry laws and regulations change dynamically. Not complying with these complex labor laws and regulatory requirements can make your organization vulnerable to penalties and loss of reputation. Gretis India helps you stay compliant with the changing government laws and regulations. Our business expertise brings complete regulatory compliance solutions designed to meet your requirements with highest levels of quality.

  • Our dedicated team of experts takes care of all the regulatory compliance processes .
  • At Gretis, we offer a wide range of services to ensure you meet all your labor law and statutory compliance requirements under one roof.
  • Our integrated HRIS platform uses real-time dashboards to keep track of regulatory compliances. Gretis HRIS keeps all the data safe and secure.
  • Streamline your business processes and improve productivity with automated compliance audits, real-time reporting, automatic alerts and notifications and much more.
HR Solutions

Government Contracting

Maintaining quality in a different work dynamic.

Government contracts are different from private ones. Their time constraints and demands are different, and thus, they need a different set of recruitment formalities. Our experience in the public sector makes us the right fit for government contracts. We have established our name as a trusted public sector recruitment agency by handling day-to-day HR tasks and managing payroll and compliance efficiently. We combine our deep understanding of the challenges project-based operations with our knack for digital HR solutions. Our fully automated HRMS offers class leading accuracy while our experience brings outstanding human capital for your project. Our payroll solutions drive performance and ensure profitability. From candidate selection to tedious interviews, our staffing solutions are of top quality. We provide more flexibility in hiring and managing payroll with minimized compliance risks. Our turnkey solutions are designed to serve our government clients with greater efficiencies in handling HR, Payroll, Benefits, & Compliance while reducing costs and saving time. We incorporate our human and technological expertise in alignment with the government systems and optimize processes to bring the best output.

HR Services


Comprehensive and fully-automated HRMS for accurate and quick results

Leverage upon the power of technology to manage the entire gamut of your HR functions within the organization. All human resources processes that you can think of are available in our HRMS. Gretis HRMS/HRIS integrates your HR processes with payroll seamlessly.

  • Store all the data of all your employees in a centralized database.
  • Set up, record, maintain and update all the information revolving around your company’s HR and statutory policies.
  • Record and update information about new hiring, training, attendance, leaves, salaries, benefits, tax, statutory compliance, loans, advances, etc.
  • Automatic deductions and generation of reports.
  • Our HRMS also comes with a remote ESS (Employee Self Service) portal where they can enter and up[date their personal and professional information.
Offshore outsourcing in HR Services

Offshore Outsourcing

Your process, your team, your profit – we will set things up and manage it all for you

Setting up an offshore team is a difficult task. To ease your offshore team creation and management, we will perform every step that brings you closer to your dream offshore team. We assure you complete offshore outsourcing services of best quality.

Depending upon the type of project, your budget and your long-term goals, we will pick the most appropriate center that will perfectly fit your needs. We will set up your delivery center to match your taste and take care of everything from start to finish. Your own managed delivery center will be ready to start functioning in just a matter of days.

HR Services Company in India


Round the clock availability for quick resolution

Just like you, we don’t like hiccups. That’s exactly why we are always at your disposal via phone, email and chat. Whether you need assistance with human resource management or technology driven system information, we are always there for you.

  • Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to help you update any information pertaining to documents or processes.
  • A team of highly qualified HR experts with extensive domain knowledge and experience for quick resolution and right guidance.
  • Bespoke HR services to ensure you are attended satisfactorily.

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