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As one of the leading HR services provider in India, we bring a complete package of comprehensive HR solutions to help you at every step and save your time and money. Your business is important for us!

HR Consulting

End-to-end HR services in accordance to your business needs

HR challenges? We’re here. Take your business to the next level and make a difference with our complete range of HR consulting services. Our expert HR consultants support you at every level to promote your organizational growth with the help of unique HR strategies

  • Get the best output for talent management with our recruitment, retention, workforce planning and performance management support.
  • Process payroll on-time accurately with Gretis HRMS while we take care of the payroll related grievances effectively.
  • Ensure compliance with the statutory obligations such as maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections etc. with Gretis HR advisory services.

HR Outsourcing

Reduce your liabilities by outsourcing your HR functions

No more compromise in quality. Share the burden of your liabilities and get full support in managing your HR processes with our comprehensive HR Outsourcing services. We cover all of your human resource functions across employee lifecycle including advisory services.

  • Full-spectrum of specialized HR services right from hiring, onboarding, training and development, and performance management.
  • Manage risks and reduce costs with accurate payroll processing, on-time filing of taxes, and quality compliance practices from our dedicated HR specialists.
  • Allow your employees to manage their own personal and payroll information through our web-based ESS portal, with 100% support from our HR team.
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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll is the most crucial function for any business. Managing payroll can be challenging when it comes to making the right tax deductions, filing returns on time, staying compliant with the laws and paying your employees right. Gretis is one of the leading payroll solutions providers in India with a strong team of payroll experts assisting small, mid-sized and large businesses in the area of payroll management. Our dedicated team of payroll specialists offer comprehensive payroll support and guidance to save your precious time and reduce stress.

With our web-based online payroll platform HRIS in place, we can make your payroll work wonders through seamless integration of your company’s payroll functions with areas like attendance, leave, tax, compliance etc. We extend our services to help you to maintain attendance and leave records, calculate overtime, bonus and leave encashment, keep a track of loans and advances, calculate and process arrears and reimbursements, prepare salary structure, calculate, file and pay taxes, process monthly salaries with necessary deductions, generate salary reports and FNF. We also assist you in handling payroll audits for smooth functioning of your business.

HR Services

HR Policies

Customized employee handbook for your employees

Make your employees conversant with your company’s rules, plans and policies by building the right set of HR company policies. We work together with you to craft your employee handbook perfectly and create a positive workplace environment.

  • Set easy-to-adhere policies related to Terms and Conditions of Employment, Confidentiality and Business Protection Agreement, Disciplinary Policy, Regulatory Policy, Grievance Policy, and General Data Protection Policy.
  • Focus on employee’s welfare by creating Equal Opportunity Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Holidays and Absences Policy.
  • Special policies for Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy, IT Policy and more.
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Legal Practice

Stay updated with the latest HR legal practices and meet international standards

HR policies and practices help in understanding the statutory obligations and protecting your organization from the risk of non-compliance. Stay abreast of your competitors by implementing the best practices and procedures of the highest standards with respect to labor law and compliance.

  • Minimize your legal claims by adhering to the correct legal guidelines and regulations with Gretis, the leading HR company in India.
  • Manage performances consistently with end-to-end HR solutions for registration, statutory record maintenance, labor law consultation and support. We ensure your documents are timely submitted and statutory dues paid.
  • Maintain both online and offline record keeping through ongoing support while departmental inspections.
HR Services

HRMS Implementation

Simple and easy-to-use HR platform to deliver accurate and error-free results

Manage the entire gamut of your HR functions within the organization with the perfect blend of technology and human resource processes through a single online HR system Gretis HCMS which integrates your HR processes with payroll seamlessly.

  • Store all your employee’s data such as personal details, educational, professional experience, salary, benefits, etc. in a centralized database.
  • Set up your company’s HR and statutory policies, record and update information about new hiring, training, attendance, leaves, salaries, benefits, tax, statutory compliance, loans, advances, etc. and process payroll with set formulas.
  • Automatic deductions and generation of reports. Employees can also access their information remotely with our ESS portal.
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Stress-free payroll processing with automated deductions

We offer comprehensive payroll support to save your precious time and reduce stress when it comes to managing payroll. Our HR services are designed to help businesses in handling payroll management effectively. Gretis is one of the leading Human Resource Outsourcing Services provider in India.

  • Web-based online platform for seamless integration of payroll functions like tax deductions, filing returns, staying compliant with the laws and paying your employees right.
  • We help you maintain attendance and leave records, calculate overtime, bonus and leave encashment, loans and advances, arrears and reimbursements, salary structure, process monthly salaries with necessary deductions, and generate salary reports and FNF.
  • Strong team of payroll experts to assist you in handling payroll audit for smooth functioning of your business.
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Statutory Compliance

Stay 100% compliant to avoid penalty and risks

Get the necessary auditing and advisory support services to ensure 100% statutory compliance record with regards to both your organization and your employees.

  • A centralized system to administer compliance within and stay compliant with local and state HR regulations and policies.
  • Address your compliance requirements proactively with our legal experts who are well equipped with domain knowledge and practical experience.
  • Full assistance for maintaining your statutory records and managing registrations, renewals, remittances, periodical filing of returns, audits, inspection handling, report submissions, and liasoning with authorities.
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Tax Support

Evaluate your payroll processes with dedicated tax support and guidance

Gretis HR services extend full 360 degree tax support to help its nationwide clients to maximize efficacy and profitability. Reduce the risk of penalty and cut down costs for accurate payroll management through a single secured HCMS system.

  • A complete tax management solution for online registration, filing of Income Tax returns, TDS preparation, statutory compliance, payroll tax and adjustments, tax computation, earnings statement and generation of reports.
  • Guidance and assistance on tax rules, tax filing and tax saving options for your employees under various sections of Income Tax.
  • Our tax experts render advisory and regulatory support for appropriate assessment and filing of employee’s Income Tax returns, PF and TDS, tax declarations, professional tax compliance, computation of tax, and payroll deductions.
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Let your employees view and access their details with ease

Set up the Gretis Employee Self Services (ESS) portal to allow your employees to access their personal and professional information themselves. Our user-friendly web-based application covers a wide range of features facilitating direct communication between the employer and the employees.

  • Employees can view and edit their profile, contact details, bank accounts, family details etc.
  • Application of leave, loans or advances and view/download leave balances, loan deductions, and more.
  • Employees can upload receipts for expense reimbursement claims, view and download their monthly salary slips, declare Income Tax savings online and submit the tax proofs.
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Contact us for any kind of HR support and resolve your queries fast

Get comprehensive HR support from our seasoned professionals round the clock via email, chat or phone for all of your queries and concerns. Whether it is human resource management or technology driven system information, we are at your service always.

  • We guide you on step-by-step process for any document-related or process-related information or updates.
  • Highly qualified HR experts who have extensive domain knowledge and experience to provide you the right guidance and solutions.
  • Our HR advisors are available on both calls and emails to give you the required resolution. We offer bespoke HR services to ensure you are attended satisfactorily.

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