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Manage your day-to-day HR responsibilities, employee-related issues and management needs.Temporary staffing services designed to drive your business efficiently. With our contract staffing services, you can enjoy the flexibility and business freedom that comes with a flexible workforce.

Temporary Staffing


Temporary staff empowers you to take care of your business operations the way you want them to. It is a flexible method of recruitment that’s proven to save costs and increase business productivity. Perfect combination of excellence, implementation of innovative technologies; Gretis leaves no stone unturned to give you the best as per your requirements.

With our excellent contract staffing services/temporary staffing services; Gretis enable its clients to enjoy the flexibility of an agile, temp staff, contractual staff, temporary workforce or on demand manpower. Being tension free of employee hunting or hiring temporary staff you can certainly concentrate on other aspects of business.

Your unwillingness to hire permanent staff becomes stronger in view of changing recruitment policies, rules and regulations for volatile market demands. Herein, contractual employees, temporary staffing services, temporary staffing agencies come in as a great help for you to enjoy flexibility of agile.

1. Gretis's Temp. Staffing

For faster and better business expansion

Companies can save money and boost productivity by using a temporary staff. Flexible, on-demand workers can assist overloaded employees during any ongoing project. The uncertain environment of today's business world makes it increasingly difficult to hire permanent employees.

  • Can scale up and down the workforce on project to project basis.
  • Temporary Employees remain on the payroll of Gretis.
  • Gretis's innovative technology saves costs, enhance quality, and maximise efficiency for your business.
  • HRMS platform enables to run Payroll, Statutory Compliance, Income tax and complete lifecycle of an employee from hiring till exit.
Employees Lifecycle Management with HRMS
Employer of Choice in Staffing Services

2. Our Staffing Solutions

Always a step ahead of your competitors with Temporary Staffing Services

With Gretis as your temporary staffing agency, we will perform all the duties of an in-house human resources department—except cheaper and with more flexibility.

  • We make sure your business gets the best staffing solutions and is compliant with state and central statutories Authorities.
  • Our HRIS system provides the ease of operation to handle HR tasks and payroll processing under one centralised platform.
  • Better management of administrative, operational and compliance needs of your organisation.
  • Gretis is one of the leading Temporary Staffing companies in India with more than two decades of experience bridging the gap in the employment market and finding the best talent for you.

3. Payroll & Tax Management

Wipe off the stress of pay-outs with automated payroll processing

Our Contractual Services offer fully managed payroll processing and tax administration for your employees. Get accurate and on-time payroll management by streamlining payroll processes.

  • Our unified platform will reduce much of the paperwork hence reducing time and costs.
  • We handle complex payroll & tax matters within no time through our Softwares.
  • Our HR experts work closely with your teams at every stage of payroll management and tax administration for inputs as and when required.
  • Get complete information as and when required for TDS, Income Tax & Professional taxes.
Payroll & Taxes with HRMS
Legal and Compliance Management in Staffing Services

4. Legal & Compliance Management with Temporary Services

Handle legal and compliance proactively with our agile systems and processes

Get a complete solution to outperform through the labyrinth of regulation with our world-class staffing services. Get in-depth information as maybe required with regards to legal labour/service matters and financial compliance.

  • Stay updated with the state and in-country governance rules for safe and secure workforce management.
  • Align your business with the amendments in the state/central laws and compliances.
  • Get extended support in the areas of employment laws, taxation, and accounting updates to ensure you remain compliant.

5. Benefits Administration

Temporary Staffing for healthy, happy and satisfied employees

Invest in your employees by providing health and wellness benefits package. Our contractual employment services offers a full suite of comprehensive benefits administration services to new hires by partnering with major medical insurance carriers.

  • Medical and health insurance programs.
  • Retirement benefits (Government/Non- Government).
  • Workers’ compensation policy as per the statutory laws & regulations.
Administration benefits with Staffing
HR Policies with Staffing solutions

6. Easy HR Policies with Staffing Services

Create a positive workplace environment

We help you identify and build the right set of human resource policies for a desirable workplace environment. We work together with you to craft your employee handbook with easy-to-adhere policies such as:

  • Disciplinary Policy, Regulatory Policy, Grievance Policy.
  • General Data Protection Policy, Equal Opportunity Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Holidays and Absences Policy.
  • Reduce risks and stay focused on the growth of the business.
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy.
  • IT Policy and more.

7. Outstanding Talent Management with Contract Services

Proven recruitment solutions and procedural guidance

We attract, hire and engage the best talent for your business with our proven recruitment solutions and procedural guidance. We offer expert staffing outsourcing services to attract and retain the most qualified talents.

  • Strong employment contract, according to the State Labor Practices.
  • Issuance of offer letters and employee handbooks for employees while onboarding.
  • Employee verification and background checks with due diligence.
  • Strong professional networks all over the country which give us access to a huge base of candidates.
Talent Management in staffing outsourcing Services

Summing up we say that the hour of the need is a foremost temporary staffing agency who can assist you in getting the best workforce. Being a leading temporary staffing organization in market for more than 30 years; Gretis implements innovative technology with personal touch allowing you to find best temporary staff while cutting down your labor to find the right person(s). Our eagle-eyed team of temporary staffing, employees on contract finds the best suitable workforce as per your requirements/demand.

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