HR Outsourcing Services in India

Workforce management made easy. Quick and efficient talent acquisition and productivity management. Effortless and rewarding technology solution by Gretis India. Get total control and complete peace of mind with better returns. Stop spending valuable hours in finding right employees. We’ll do it all for you.

Hiring Benefits in HR Outsourcing Services

Better Hiring

Improved return on investment

Gretis offers complete HR outsourcing services for your business. Our solutions are backed by the power of technology and experience.

  • Hiring – Why spend days and weeks finding the right candidates when we have a talent pool ready for selections? We’ll happily manage the hiring process across all levels.
  • Onboarding – Hiring a suitable employee is just the beginning. The real journey starts from onboarding a new employee. We will nurture new hires to bring them on the same page as your vision. Our completely automated HR solution makes onboarding easy, efficient and interactive.
HR Policies in HR Outsourcing Services

HR Policies  

For streamlined and stress-free work environment

Making employees familiar with organizational policies, rules and laws is a vital part of every business. But you don’t need to do it all the old and tiring way. At Gretis, our HR outsourcing services include creating an HR policy handbook for the employees. This helps in creating a better work environment with the help of cutting-edge technology.

  • Set easy-to-adhere policies related to Terms and Conditions of Employment, Confidentiality and Business Protection Agreement, Disciplinary Policy, Regulatory Policy, Grievance Policy, and General Data Protection Policy.
  • Focus on employee’s welfare by creating Equal Opportunity Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Holidays and Absences Policy.
  • Special policies for Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy, IT Policy and more.
HRMS in HR Outsourcing Services

HRMS /HRIS Implementation

 The power of automation for smooth workflow

Managing all stages of the employee lifecycle in your organization is a tedious task. At Gretis, we use a completely automated HRMS/HRIS software to keep HR costs low and the benefits high. We believe in scalable solutions so that more data can be accommodates as your organization grows. We create a synchronized workflow so that all the details of your employees can be stored, integrated and implemented from one place.

Manage Payroll with our HR Outsourcing Services

Payroll & Taxes

Avoid financial hazards with smooth payroll and tax processing

Gretis ensures time and energy efficient payroll and tax processing for timely completion of two of the most important parts of organizational finances.

  • Payroll– Every employee wants timely salary credit as much as the next person. Our fully automated payroll system ensures salaries are credited with unmatched accuracy on time, every time.
  • Tax administration – Gretis HRMS/HRIS ensures maximum accuracy while calculating taxes to avoid any penalties. We make tax filing easy and punctual.
Benfits of HR Outsourcing Services

Benefits and Compensation

Enhanced productivity and employee retention

Gretis HRMS/HRIS comes with an in-built compensation calculator that makes calculating retirement benefits, insurance, medical expenses, incentives and other benefits easy, quick and accurate. If your organization also has referrals and other reward programs, they can also be calculated easily with our software.

ESS in HR Outsourcing Services

Employee Self Services (ESS)

A comprehensive profile of each employee

The employee self-services feature of our HRMS/HRIS allows them to manage their user profile. They can also use ESS to apply for leaves, create emergency contacts, apply for loans, request salary slips, make income tax declarations and much more.

Legal Practice in HR Outsourcing Services

Legal Assistance

Adherence to latest HR laws and regulations

Labor laws, HR rules and regulations and organizations legalities can change any time. Whenever a new HR law is announced, all organizations need to modify their HR policies to adhere to the policies. Gretis makes sure your organization is always at par with the legalities of your state or nation for hassle free operations.

Compliance in HR Outsourcing Services

Compliance and Liabilities

Minimize compliance risks with Gretis HRMS/HRIS

Worker compensations, employee safety, disputes, issues, claims, there are many compliance factors that an employer has to be aware of. As an experienced HR outsourcing company, Gretis is familiar with all the compliance related factors and has your back at all times.

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