HR Solutions for Construction Industry

Payroll, union policies and complianceissues for multiple locations can be challenging for construction companies. Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. helps you overcome such challenges. Our construction HR software make payroll, tax and compliance easy and quick. Choose Gretis HRMS/HRIS – a human resource management software complete with a wide range of features.

Compliance risk mitigation with accurate Payroll System

Managing workers across different projects and locations make it hard for construction companies to keep up with payroll and compliance. Our HRMS/HRIS mitigated all the payroll risks and maintain workforce safety while enhancing their performance with scalable HR policies and accurate payroll and taxes. Our automated Payroll and HR solutions can help you streamline your workflows and optimize productivity with greater efficiency. Gretis HRMS/HRIS helps you overcome all challenges of your HR functions without any stress.

Best-in-class HR managementsolution with constant feature releases to meet all your HR at one place.
Payroll Outsourcing
Time-bound, easy and accurate payroll processing bby calculating leaves, absences, overtimes and everything else.
Statutory Compliances
We redefine your existing businessprocesses by implementing corrective actions for areas of improvement that are critical for success.
HR Services
Your search for an all-in-one best HRMS ends at Gretis because it is an all-inclusive HR software that gives you end-to-end services.

Manage your workers efficiently from anywhere

With our unmatched construction workforce management services, managing all your workforce from our place is now possible. We deliver unmatched payroll and HR services for every project team situated anywhere in the world. Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. uses proprietary and fully integrated platform for efficient human resource management.

Let’s see the solutions we offer for the construction industry:

  • Intuitive online solution for tracking shift time and attendance
  • Employee management across multiple states and projects digitally
  • Foster engagements with accurate payroll and tax management
  • Strategic Labor Law Compliance

Get Exceptional Employee Management Solutions

Organizations around the world trust us for people management, payroll processes, compliance services and more. We create HR policies that not only meet all compliance, statutory policies and regulations, but also enhance employee experience.

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