Our Mission: Better Management of Manufacturing Sector in HR solutions

In the post-pandemic work environment, employers of every manufacturing company face the challenge of streamlining their HR process. However Tracking man-hours, managing shifts, arranging safety training, calculating salaries, and enforcing health policies can get overwhelming. Therefore, we are here to help you reduce your stress and run your business smoothly.

Automated Payroll: A New Approach for manufacturing industry in HR Solutions

There are multiple pay scales for multiple roles in the manufacturing sector. Tracking employee time, attendance and accurate pay calculation can be hard if done manually. Undoubtedly, at the same time, it is also important for you to ensure a productivity conducive environment for your employees. In the meantime to enable the process, we provide accurate time and attendance tracking through our automated payroll platform. Our reliable HR solutions for manufacturing industry can help your facility stay productive with seamless integration of time, attendance, leave and payroll.


Gretis HRMS/HRIS helps you streamline all the HR practices in manufacturing sector. This is the perfect management solution to manage your HR and payroll processes seamlessly, at all levels.
Payroll Outsourcing
Time-bound, easy and accurate payroll process and salary disbursement for all your workers.
Statutory Compliances
From workforce policies to human resource rules and regulations, we take care of all aspects to ensure your company stays compliant at all levels.
HR Services
We offer world class people management solutions that suit the modern manufacturing environment of manufacturing companies across the globe.

Manage Workforce Efficiently

Our human resource management experience of more than 20 years makes us capable of offering recruitment services that suit your company culture. Our team of HR solutions for manufacturing industry have helped many manufacturing industries transform their work environment. We not only find the most capable talent, but also the most compatible employees. Workforce is one of the most critical elements in the manufacturing industry. Safety violations, injuries, miscommunications and compliance issues can hinder business growth. Streamline your production facilities by putting systems in place through optimized HR and payroll functions. We help you manage your day-to-day challenges with our significant industry expertise.

Our manufacturing solutions include:

  • Tracking employee time/attendance and monitoring labor hours and overtime
  • Tracking shift timings and leave management
  • Computing multiple pay scales for multiple jobs to provide accurate payroll data
  • Hourly wage calculation
  • Automated Payroll processing in compliance with labor laws
  • Handling employee benefits, taxes and insurance

Get a competitive edge in the market using industry benchmarks and analytics

Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. can help you align your manufacturing business strategically with the use of intelligent data and analytics. Our integrated HR software for manufacturing sector has helped many companies improve their employee lifecycle. You can access benchmarking data to compare your organization’s performance with other players in your industry and improve your workforce productivity.


Our HR service delivery experts work with you via phone, email and visit to keep things efficient and hassle-free for you. We work according to the changing dynamics of the HR service industry to maintain high client satisfaction at all times.

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