Time and Cost-Effective non-profit HR Solutions

In the age of digital technology, automating human resource management is crucial. For a non-profit organization, tasks such as fund-raising and working under tight-budgets can already be burdensome. non-profit HR also includes full-time and volunteer workers, which makes human resource management particularly difficult for this sector. Our mission is to stay the most trusted non-profit HR solutions provider by quick, accurate and budget friendly management services.

More Than 2 Decades of HR Outsourcing

We are experienced in every HR function pertaining to the non-profit sector that you can think of. From finding the right professionals, training them, managing compliance, payroll processing, we are good at all HR operations and administrative functions. Our team of human resources managers know what it takes to enhance the interpersonal relations within the company. We use completely customized talent management strategy to ensure every person in your organization is hired with complete compliance.

Best-in-class HR management software solution for timely and accurate HR and payroll processes at all levels for non-profit organizations. Comes packed with ESS (Employees Self Service) for enhanced employee experience.
Payroll Outsourcing
Seamless and clear payroll processes for salary/compensation disbursement for full-time workers and volunteers.
Statutory Compliances
We redefine your existing business processes by implementing corrective actions for areas of improvement that are critical for success.
HR Services
We offer complete HR support to solve your business challenges and save time with our quick HR advice and consulting.

Attract, Retain and Engage the Best Team

While starting your non-profit organization, worrying about the HR functions is the last thing that you would’ve thought of. However, non-profit sector is among those sectors that have a complex HR structure. Managing and processing the data of all your employees is not as easy as it sounds. We have helped many non-profits with enhance their person-to-person experience while streamlining their management functions according to local and national statutory compliance. We perceive your mission as our mission. You can now concentrate on your goals without worrying about your administration concerns. We’re here to help!

Our HR solutions for Non-Profit organizations are tailored to meet your unique business requirements, including:

  • Hiring and retention of qualified talents
  • Engaging on-boarding experiences
  • Tracking of time/attendance/leave
  • Performance Management
  • Computation of salaries and taxes
  • Full statutory compliance

Expert Level HR Solutions for Improvement Organizational Culture

Are you sure your human resources management policies are upto the mark? Are you finding it hard to manage all your employees? Are you able to track and evaluate the performance of all your volunteers? We have helped many companies of the non-profits sector in the past. An employee’s interpersonal skills are among the top parameters of effective human capital management. A lot of non-profits are using our services to align their strategies with their mission.
Moreover, our fully integrated HRMS makes management easy, quick and accurate. It helps you automate all HR processes of your non-profit organization.

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