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When Do Organizations Need Permanent Staffing Solutions?

Permanent Staffing Solutions are offered by recruitment or staffing agencies to organizations that outsource a part of or the entire HR function to an HR services agency. Permanent staffing is called so because the employees are hired for a long term, which more or less a permanent kind of employment. Such an employment is needed for those organizations that have certain job roles that are always relevant. Apart from the salary, the permanent staff is also entitled to many other benefits such as Retirement Benefits (PF, Gratuity), Paid Vacations, Subsidized Healthcare or Health Insurance, Yearly Bonuses and Travel Allowances. As a result, job seekers too prefer being hired for a permanent position considering the benefits, career stability and a regular income too. Let’s find out when is it advisable to go for an organization to hire permanent staff.

  1. Main Business Offering: Every business organization offers a certain set of services or products for its customers. The workforce need to produce those products or deliver services on an ongoing basis must always be on board for a long term. It takes times to train people for specialized roles and then it takes a while for them to master their roles and optimize their efficiencies. There is always a need of a hierarchical setup in terms of tenure, and degree of operational knowledge of skillset. So, it is always recommended that the operations team has people of varying experience and expertise to be able to deal with problems of different kinds and at different levels, effectively.
  1. Management: All the senior and middle management employees must essentially be hired on a permanent-employment basis. The Senior Managers and the Line Managers create and preserve the company culture as advised by the founders or top leaders of the organization. A perfect organizational environment can be created only when the managers have spent a long time in the organization and grown within the organization, climbing up the ladder. The knowledge base needed to deal with complex problems needs knowledge of projects executed in the past in the form of documents such as case studies, project reports or white papers. Whether the knowledge base is well documented and well managed or not, the knowledge does exist in the memories of the middle managers. So, a permanent employment strategy works out best for managerial roles.

With the help of Recruitment Agencies offering Permanent Staffing Services, organizations can share the job descriptions for various roles and hire the right kind of talent. It would be best to remain consistent with a particular permanent staffing Agency for the human resource or staffing needs since they would understand the hiring needs clearly and may easily find the people with OPT Resume Database who fit well in the organization.

  1. Support Staff: There is a category of job functions that aren’t needed all the time. Their need comes up when there is a spike on volume of work and the demand might go down in a slack period. In such scenarios, it may not be best to hire permanent employees. Instead, these positions can be filled with temporary staffing or contractual employment.

A full scale HR services agency like Gretis India is capable of providing permanent staffing solutions for all kinds of needs whether they are for permanent employees or short-term employment.

Beyond hiring or staffing, Gretis offers services in payroll management, statutory compliance management, corporate compliance, HR shared services, and company process restructuring. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help improve your organization’s HR function effectiveness.

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