Are You Looking for a Payroll Outsourcing Services Provider?

When you are searching for a top payroll solutions provider, you must keep in mind some important parameters that help in making a decision. First and foremost, the staffing agencies that are entrusted with outsourcing employees or workforce must always adhere to regulatory compliances enforced by the local laws. Unless they are compliant themselves, how can they ensure those regulatory compliances for their clients?


It is pertinent to know what all goes under Payroll Outsourcing before outsourcing the payroll services to a full-scale HR services provider. It requires proper record management of your employees’ details such as terms of employment, tenure, personal records, periodical appraisal data, salaries, deductions, taxes, and any other information critical towards meeting regulatory compliances. An organization needs to keep a record of their employees’ investments and savings that enable tax rebates. Then, there is a responsibility of keeping track of contributions towards Employees Provident Fund or Health Insurance and any withdrawals regarding the same. In a nutshell, you payroll outsourcing services payroll services vendor must act as an extension of your organization, taking responsibility for all compliances on your behalf.


It is a well-known fact that maintaining a full-scale Human Resources team or department may incur a permanently recurring cost as long as the organization would carry on business. For those organizations striving to bring down the costs, they can very well reduce the burden of retaining the teams that aren’t used all the year round such as HR and specifically the staffing team. This function can easily be outsourced to an external agency that does hiring for many other similar companies while having a regular inflow of available talent or resources.


A staffing agency gets you the people you require for all the possible job roles and descriptions. Once authorized as a recruiting partner, they start from the word ‘Go’ and float the jobs in the market with job role, descriptions and other details. The staffing agency may receive hundreds of resumes or at times, very few but they carry on the job of hunting more people, subsequently narrowing down to the best of them for interviews or assessments. After conducting the assessments based on the hiring guidelines from the clients, they would select the final candidates and offer them salaries according to specified budgets. Upon acceptance of the offer by the selected candidates, the agency starts the onboarding process such as issuing offer letters, appointment letters, facilitating the joining formalities, and reporting the office on the specified date and venue. Ensuring a flawless execution can be made possible only by an experienced and accomplished staffing agency such as Gretis India.

Gretis India is full-scale HR shared services provider for government and business corporations in India. With decades of experience in executing countless engagements and hiring talent in huge numbers, Gretis comes out as a potential full-scale HR services provider whether it is payroll outsourcing services outsourcing employees staffing solutions or ensuring regulatory compliances .

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Gretis India is a renowned name for providing top-notch HR, Payroll, and recruitment outsourcing solutions to its clients worldwide. The company came into existence in 1997 and has more than 500 clients with a total turnover of almost 500 Cr.
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