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Learn How Gretis India Is Innovating With Payroll Outsourcing Services in 2020

Having witnessed the HR industry for over two decades, the teams at Gretis India have evolved and learned the nuances of resolving complexities through highly customized Payroll Outsourcing Solutions. One of the most significant learning has been the importance of customization – a standard template will not work for all and a tailored made approach could only help streamline an enterprise’s payroll functions. As per Michael’s page salary survey, 2022 witnessed significant pay hikes across industries. Thus, the need for apical payroll processing becomes more imperative.

As we call it closure to 2022, Gretis India is taking a step ahead with automating the processes while assuring exclusive interest of all. Our online payroll management system has been serving numerous departments in the public sector space and is being fine-tuned to take up challenges of organizations in the private ecosystem. Here’s how GretisIndia is committed to offering the best payroll outsourcing services in 2022.

A mix of automated functions and manual competency

It’s good to have an automated protocol in place but ditching the human effort isn’t a wise approach either. However, manually maintaining the payroll records is time-consuming and cost-ineffective and with a growing number of employees, a dedicated resource wasn’t productive. GretisIndia’s online payroll management system lets you perform optimally and deal with high attrition rate, different salary groups and annual salary hikes leading to change in tax slabs.

Compliance with government regulations

Not all organizations have the cognizance to stay in sync with government tax regulations, and any conflict could push them into complications. They could be held responsible for falsely reporting employee tax reports. Further following up with audits and raids is the least that any startup would want to get into. Government regulations change dynamically and keeping up with the modifications is a tough task at hand.

Thereby, outsourcing your payroll processes keeps you on top of these changes nullifying any possible breach. As a professional payroll outsourcing solutions provider, we are well versed with the latest amendments in the laws to help their clients stay prepared. Ultimately, businesses can make better decisions within stipulated deadlines.

Flawless Processing

Automation brings promptness in payroll processing adhering to predicted schedules and quality benchmarks. There isn’t any need for setting reminders, supervision for teams, and freeing up people for once a monthly activity. Not to miss,  It is easier to update the salary and tax changes in the records of GretisIndia’s payroll portal so that changes take effect and automatically give the revised tax deductions for every employee’s salary and tax calculations.

Thereby, the salary and tax computations for every employee must be accurate, and that’s what we steer all our focus to avoid all the disputes arising from errors in calculations.

The disputes resulting from incorrect or erroneous tax calculations could arise in some disgruntled employees. The dissatisfaction and efforts spent in setting things right consume quite a lot of the productive time of the workforce. Our online payroll system is used by experienced professionals, leaving little room for errors.

Enhanced security & Security and Data Safety

Payroll processing is a riskier task and keeps the business owner worried about any possibility of data theft or tampering. Especially, startups that are already diverting their focus toward expanding find it challenging to keep a check on the safety of payrolls data. At GretisIndia, most of our customers cited data safety concerns while approaching us. After years of association, they have assured lucrative returns while outsourcing their processes to us. Not just we provide accurate computations on the monthly data; our redundant backup competency using the industry’s best cloud storage platforms has helped us lead the league.

Payroll data is highly confidential, and we have been ensuring entire processes in place to fortify it from infiltrations.

Risk control

As an experienced payroll outsourcing solutions provider, we take complete accountability for the data and the changes being done. That means, the risks of employee lawsuits are controlled and any compliance issues with the government are addressed professionally.  Not just you get to ease off the burden, reduced fraud help achieve better returns in stipulated deadlines.

Uninterrupted deliverables

The absence of a resource in an in-house payroll department could halt critical processes unless a dedicated agency is handling this. Most organizations don’t realize the importance of having uninterrupted deliverables from the payrolls team until sudden unavailability causes a delay in salary payouts. Such worries are quickly resolved when your payroll partner deploys a large pool of resources to keep a consistent check on your processes. Moreover, they have backup resources to replace any absentee at the eleventh hour.

Maintain Business Focus

Although cost-cutting compels many business owners to hire in-house teams, little do they realize that outsourcing will fetch gains in the longer term as maintaining business focus is highly essential? Ultimately, growing the company across geographical facets gets a boost when all the in-house resources are working together towards it. As the staff focuses on the core mission, we handle your payroll nuances with utmost professionalism and detail.

GretisIndia is a full-scale HR services provider in India that facilitates the entire process of identifying the right set of techniques and procedures for private businesses and public institutions alike. Get in touch with us and explore more about our decade-rich stint at payroll outsourcing services.

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