Watch a Video Complete description of National Apprentice Promotion Scheme (NAPS) programme that promotes career opportunities in the vrious industry by enabling young people to gain the skills they need to succeed. The scheme is designed to recognise and recruit our next generation of leaders, promoting a vision of a more inclusive and diverse industry with a greater number of women and ethnic minority workers driving its success. NAPS provides funding for companies who take apprenticeships and traineeships to get off the ground.

Payroll Service


Stress-free salary payment

Gretis makes salary computation and credits extremely fast and easy with a fully automated Payroll system. Payroll services remain in compliance with the state and local labor laws.Few advantages you get while working with Gretis for Payroll Outsourcing Services are as under:

  • Centralised database for easy data access, management, and maintenance.
  • Detailed salary records including components like HRA, DA, TA, CLA, PT, PF, etc., attendance, working hours, arrears, leave, overtime and benefits and compensation.
  • Calculation and processing salaries based on the allowances and deductions if any.
  • Processing the reimbursement of expenses.