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Payroll Outsourcing Services in India

Are you looking for a payroll outsourcing company that complies with all the labor laws?

Are you facing problems with calculating professional tax while calculating salaries?

Need assistance with Tax filing?

Do you find tax calculation a time consuming and difficult task?

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Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. is among the top payroll outsourcing companies in India. We offer comprehensive payroll solutions with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Salary Computation

Stress-free salary payment

Gretis makes salary credits extremely fast and easy with a fully automated payroll system. Our payroll outsourcing services are in compliance with the state and local labor laws. Apart from salary credit and incentives, Gretis also offers the following advantages:

  • Centralized database for easy data creation, management, and maintenance.
  • Accurate salary processing.
  • Detailed salary records including components like HRA, DA, TA, CLA, PT, PF, etc., attendance, working hours, arrears, leave, overtime and benefits and compensation.
  • Calculation and processing of salaries based on the deductions.
  • Processing the reimbursement of expenses
  • Statutory dues statements like PF Challan, ESI challan, Professional Tax, TDS & LWF.


Accurate payroll process according to local and state laws

Professional tax, ESI, EPF, TDS, payroll process has many compliance factors to take care of. Not to forget the labor laws that every company must comply with. Payment outsourcing by Gretis India Pvt Ltd adheres to all the compliance parameters, giving you quick solutions in the most efficient manner.

  • Accurate processing of statutory contributions with monthly generation of statutory dues statement through an integrated payroll system.
  • Systematic filing of periodical PF returns with the prescribed authorities by complying with the legal provisions.
  • ESI compliant as and when required.
  • Timely and prompt payroll services for Professional tax payments.
  • Secured and on-time processing of TDS deduction and remittance.
  • Preparation, maintenance and submission of all the required forms and registers as per the Labor law Department for LWF.

Taxation and Filing

Professional Tax and Other Taxes

Professional tax varies from one state to another. Organisations with their offices in more than one state need to keep tax differences in mind. Gretis takes care of all tax slabs and brings you the right numbers all the time.

Tax Filing

Whether you consider quarterly tax filing or annual tax filing, Gretis does it all with unmatched accuracy and punctuality.

Final Settlements

Fully automated payroll system for FnF

Gretis makes managing the full and final settlement extremely easy. HRIS allows you to calculate the final payable amount by taking care of all factors of final settlement such as:

  • Unpaid salary
  • Leave encashments
  • Gratuity
  • Bonus
  • Security (if applicable)

Gretis takes care of all the final settlements for you so that you can focus on your business better.


Automatic reimbursement processing

Companies that reimburse expenses like LTA, fuel expenses, medical bills, internet expenses, etc. don’t need to worry about reimbursement calculations anymore. The fully automated HRIS by Gretis uses employee self service (ESS), an essential feature that allows employees to upload the receipts.

Our HRIS also tracks all the reimbursements. So, you have all the information at your disposal as and when required.

Comprehensive Reporting

Don’t miss any important information, ever!

Reports are not only for keeping the number ready when needed. Reports are also for enhancing the work experience of employees. When you have important data such as:

  • Employee information
  • Leaves
  • Attendance
  • Expenses
  • Salary

by your side, you can also reward employees for their punctuality and dedication. Reports play a vital role in keeping the work environment welcoming and healthy.

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Our HR service delivery experts work with you via phone, email and visit to keep things efficient and hassle-free for you. We work according to the changing dynamics of the HR service industry to maintain high client satisfaction at all times.

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    A payroll company takes care of payroll calculations, payroll tax statements, year-end taxes and more. So if you have hired such a company, you do not have to deal with any of your payroll issues and thus you can save a huge time that can be invested into building your business.
    When you hire a payroll outsourcing company, you automatically save time, costs and efforts that usually go into managing payroll. The payroll outsourcing providers specialize in handling tax, salary disbursement, and all related payments as well as issues of different industries so they make it easier for organisations to handle payroll without an in-house staff.
    There are only pros, and no cons of outsourcing payroll. You can boost your productivity like never before and save a huge cost. The presence of in-house personnel is not required to manage payroll and thus you are free of the stress that comes along. Your payroll related issues are handled by a third party who specialises at it.
    If you want to hire and manage your employees without taking the stress and pains that come along then outsourcing is the best option. A business has its cor function, which could be selling, manufacturing or trading- no matter what it is, handling HR is a part and parcel of a business. Companies need experts to handle human resources as it has a direct impact on the business growth.
    The cost of payroll services differ for different industries owing to the laws and tax system of every nation.