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When it comes to HR, small business rarely have an in-house HR department. For start-ups and small businesses, investing on human resources seems unproductive. Many small-sized business either have an administrative professional assigned to take care of the HR responsibilities or they have a small not-so trained team to perform the HR tasks. But HR duties are not confined to accomplishing core tasks only. It is much more than that. HR functions include a host of other responsibilities as well such as learning and development, employee engagement, regulatory compliance, workplace safety and employee retention.

If you run a small business, it is advisable to outsource your HR services despite your limited budget, so that you can focus more on the market demands while your administrative burden is handled well.

Gretis India offers end-to-end HR services for small business right from hire to retire. We understand your unique industry demands. Our HR experts extend their full support to manage your HR responsibilities and empower you to focus on growing your small business. You can now concentrate on leveraging the growth of your small business while we take care of your HR tasks.

We manage your workforce effectively by providing an advanced automated human resource management system for centralized storage of all employee information and easy access from anywhere securely. Our cloud-based software HRMS minimizes paperwork and allows you to easily manage routine operations including hiring, onboarding, payroll processing, attendance & leave management, shift and fleet management, travelling expense, performance evaluation, benefits, tax and compliance, and automated reporting. Our software solution is compatible enough to configure the system as per your company’s policies, functionalities and environment. We assist you in increasing efficiency across all levels of operations through our reliable HR services for small business.

Payroll Outsourcing
Share the burden and get your payroll and taxes done accurately within no time with our automated payroll outsourcing solution.
On Boarding
Simplified hiring process and hassle-free onboarding solution in a time-bound manner through our advanced automated HR platform.
Leave Management
Real-time visibility of leave applications for employees and managers and accurate processing with our seamless leave management system.
Attendance Management
Automated HR platform for tracking man-hours, attendance processing and accurate payroll calculations through integration with biometric devices.
Exit / Full & Final Final
Quick and efficient automated employee exit process through systematic resignation workflows and automated FnF processing.
Employee Self Service
Interactive HR platform for your employees to gain clarity on their pay and taxes, leave, attendance and reimbursement requests.

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Statutory Compliance
Comprehensive statutory compliance services in accordance with the local and state government rules and regulations.
Advanced Technology
Secured, scalable and integrated HR platform with high-end functionalities and advanced technology to meet your diverse HR needs.
Payroll Management
Automated payroll solution through easy and accurate payroll processing and tax calculations for timely payment of your employees.

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