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Manage your day-to-day HR responsibilities, employee-related issues and management needs through our bespoke contract staffing services, designed to drive your business efficiently. Reduce your workplace hazards, eliminate risks and enhance productivity by partnering with Gretis.

Government contract staffing services

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

PEO or Professional Employer Organizations/Co-Employer allow businesses to expand their horizons by outsourcing their administrative and operational needs like HR, statutory, benefits, expenses and more. It is a co-employment between the business and the service provider. At Gretis, we look after the complete business operations and functions with full responsibility and reform your business environment by removing bottlenecks in business areas. Our dedicated team is always at your service to support you with every hire. We share your liabilities onto our shoulders by managing the administrative, operational and compliance work under one shed. Our HRMS/HRIS platform enables you to run payroll of your employees while we take care of the HR, compliance, tax and other related tasks. We are your trusted co-employment partner for all Legal, Statutory and Tax related matters.

Government Contract Staffing Services

Employer of Choice

With Gretis as your Co-Employment partner, you remain ahead of your competitors and stand out in the crowd as an Employer of Choice. We help you position yourself as an employer in demand with the right set of HR processes and procedures. We make sure your business is compliant with specific acts and programs. Our integrated HRIS system provides the ease of operation to handle HR tasks and payroll processing under one centralized platform. Our team of HR experts work together with you to manage your administrative, operational and compliance needs of your organization efficiently. With the perfect mix of processes, technology and expertise, we bring a simplified and holistic approach towards building your brand and indirectly promoting your business.

Government Contract Staffing Services

Payroll & Tax Management

Wipe off the stress of pay-outs with automated payroll processing

Our government contract staffing services offer fully managed payroll processing and tax administration for your employees. Our proprietary HRIS solution ensures accurate and on-time payroll management by streamlining payroll process with attendance and time, leave management, tax, statutory, compensation and benefits in compliance with government rules and regulations, both state-wise and/or central.

  • We reduce your paperwork with the help of our unified platform that provides system generated reports in just one click.
  • HRMS/HRIS allows us to handle complex payroll & tax matters by performing routine checks, recording data, filing tax returns, calculating salaries and deductions, processing direct deposits, compensation and benefit accruals through powerful logical analytics.
  • Our HR experts work closely with you to support you at every stage of payroll management and tax administration to reduce risk and boost efficiency.
  • We offer accomplished guidance for TDS, Service Tax, Income & Professional taxes, and manage tax payments and electronic filing requirements of the employees without any hassle.

Government Contract Staffing Services

Legal & Compliance Management

Handle legal and compliance proactively with our agile systems and processes

Get a complete solution to outperform through the labyrinth of regulation with our world-class government contract staffing services. We provide full support and guidance with regards to legal and financial compliance to help you run your business smoothly without the intervention of compliance risk or obligations.

  • We keep you updated with the state and in-country governance rules to ensure safe and secured workforce management.
  • We help you to align your business with the amendments in the state/central laws and compliances to reduce risks and stay focused on the growth of the business.
  • We offer extended support in the areas of employment laws, taxation, and accounting updates to ensure you remain compliant.
  • We cover complete compilation and processing of: Registration, Nomination, Transfer, Withdrawal, Pension submissions, Computing monthly PF contribution; Computing ESIC as per rates; Calculation & Deduction of Statutory Dues; Online Deposition of PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Service Tax, and TDS; and Statutory and Compliance Audits.

Payroll Outsourcing Services in India HR Policies

HR Policies

We help you identify and build the right set of human resource policies and create a positive workplace environment. We work together with you to craft your employee handbook with easy-to-adhere policies related to Terms and Conditions of Employment, Confidentiality and Business Protection Agreement, Disciplinary Policy, Regulatory Policy, Grievance Policy, General Data Protection Policy, Equal Opportunity Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Holidays and Absences Policy, Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy, IT Policy and more.



Benefits Administration

Invest in your employees by providing health and wellness benefits package. Our contract staffing services offers a full suite of comprehensive benefits administration services to new hires by partnering with major medical insurance carriers. Our wide range of contract staffing services in India related to benefits include medical and health insurance programs, retirement benefits, supplemental benefits, value-added programs, and workers’ compensation policy as per the statutory laws & regulations.


Government Contract Staffing Services

Talent Management

We attract, hire and engage the best talent for your business with our proven recruitment solutions and procedural guidance. We offer expert government contract staffing services to attract and retain the most qualified talents. Right from hiring to onboarding and retention, we have a systematic process backed by technology and expertise to meet your recruitment and other HR needs.

  • Strong employment contract put in place stating the terms of the employee’s salary, benefits, and compensation and termination requirements according to the State Labour Practices.
  • Issuance of offer letters and employee handbooks to employees while onboarding, keeping in consideration the policies and procedures of your company.
  • Our HR team assists you for employee verification and background checks with due diligence.
  • We take care of your employee’s training needs and assess their performance to enhance productivity.
  • A single platform with a centralized database to handle your talent management whatever the size of the project is.
  • Due to varied experience Gretis has evolved itself to recruit talents in bigger numbers which could be a minimum of 250 to max 1000 employees PAN India.

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