HR Solutions for Education Industry

Hiring staff for the education industry is as difficult as any other sector. Every level of hiring has a different challenge, for both the teaching staff or the non-teaching one. Gretis India Pvt. Ltd. brings you bespoke human resources management solutions in the field of education. Ensure streamlined and cost-effective solutions for all your present and future HR requirements. From staff management to payroll processing to other HR functions, we are prepared to do it all. The education industry in India is poised for continual growth.

Proven solutions to meet the learning needs

The teaching staff is among the most important working communities. Being the building blocks of a nation, you want to ensure your educators have a good time working with you. Efficient HR management is a crucial step here. It is our mission to help education institutions meet all their HR requirements. Our experience in the HR services for the education sector along with our all-in-one HR platform is the best fit for all your HR needs.

One of the most cost-effective and comprehensive HR management solutions for the government as well as non-government institutions.
Payroll Outsourcing
Time-bound, easy and accurate payroll processing services with improved compliance for all your teaching and non-teaching employees.
Statutory Compliances
Our mission-critical approach while creating Gretis HRMS/HRIS allowed us to assist you with all statutory compliance procedures. It doesn’t have a steep learning curve, so software onboarding is not something you’d lose your sleep over. Redefine your existing business processes by implementing corrective actions as and when required.
HR Services
We offer complete HR support to solve your business challenges and save time with our quick HR advice and consulting for all process levels.

Adapt the New HR

Transform your human resource management with a proven track record in delivering quality Payroll and HR process solutions for the education industry. Our unique combination of expertise and technology can help you simplify your critical challenges with human resources management.

Our HR Solutions for education sector includes:

  • Processing of payroll in line with the State and Central Pay Commission
  • Automated time/attendance tracking
  • Automated calculation of tax and benefits
  • Automated calculation of allowances, arrears, earnings, increments, and deductions
  • Access to unified HR platform
  • Dedicated ESS (employee self-service) system for all employees.

Get a competitive edge in the market using industry benchmarks and analytics

We help you define roles and responsibilities clearly and manage all HR processes with ease and accuracy. This is the world of leveraging different technologies. Every institution wants to make progress and stay compliant while doing so. Your HR policies should make you ready for the future too. We help you define clear roles and responsibilities for all employees. Align your educational business strategically with the use of intelligent data and analytics through our integrated HR software. Gretis HRMS/HRIS is one of the most trusted HR software, trusted by many education sector businesses. You can access benchmarking data to compare your organization’s performance with other players in the educational sector.

HR Process Simplified

Hiring and Management Made @ Every Level
Maximize your HR ability with Gretis India


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