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Conceding your HR structure with legal regulations

Corporate compliance outsourcing and Statuary management is one of the anchoring services in the Gretis portfolio. While you found it extremely excruciating to sync well with the confusing laws, our expert consultants help you align your business in accordance with the center as well as state employment guidelines.

Add to it the appropriate assistance for making amendments as per timely regulations. We also offer sharing some of your legal liabilities and thereby reduce risk from your business.

Covering all possible statutory compliance requirements, a glimpse at the stretch of services we offer:

  • Computing monthly PF contribution and generating reports for the same
  • Computing ESIC as per rates
  • Online Deposition of PF, ESI, Professional Tax, Service Tax, and TDS
  • Calculation & Deduction of Statutory Dues.
  • Complete compilation and processing of employee’s documents for Registration, Nomination Transfer, Withdrawal, Pension submissions, and others. We take all necessary steps to align our processes with any amendments in law and compliances as shown below:


Payment of Wages Act                                                   Minimum Wages Act                                  
Shop & Establishment Act                                              Bonus Act
Miscellaneous Provisions Act                                         Labor Welfare Fund                              
Professional Tax Act                                                         ESI Act   
Maternity Benefit Act                                                      Gratuity Act
Factories Act                                                                    Contract Labor Regulation & Abolition Act


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